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HSE Field Service

Health, Safety & Environment

ATP System deploys HSE specialists, in charge of Risk Assessment and Preventing Workplace Injuries according to the specifications of your projects.

What are our duties within the HSE Field Service department?

With our technical team, we can support our clients on new or existing installations to execute a project from the Study Phase to the Commissioning, Start-up and Operation:
– Definition of drafting, material and budget technical solutions
– Staff secondment on-site
– HSE project supervision
– Diagnostic, internal audit and simulation
– Training build up (ATEX-methodology and hazards analysis)
– Risk Assessment (chemical hazards, ATEX)
– Certification support (MASE, ISO 45 001)

Which companies do we attend?

We have been providing HSE Specialists for Industrial gas production and Shipbuilding industries, while developing OEM and EPC companies from Renewable energy (Wind & Solar) is at the heart of our goals, to follow the challenges of energy transition.

Whether in France or worldwide, onshore, or offshore, we have no geographical restriction.

Our team is skilled for cultivating good practice guidelines into work environment and knows how to adapt to different standards and to our client’s working culture.

What are the profiles we hire within the HSE Field Service department?

To carry out our HSE assignments with success, we count on a highly qualified staff in the following roles:

– HSE Specialist/Coordinator/Supervisor
– HSE Manager

Highly skilled and trained to multiple techniques and materials, ATP System Specialists are devoted to develop a Health, Safety & Environment Culture & Involvement within the client’s project or premises, to ensure optimal results.

How do we work? 

Projects carried out at the HSE Field Service department can last from a few days to several years. We perform our missions directly on-site, or previously in our client’s premises as a preparation phase before being mobilized on-site.

Points forts

Our strengths:

– Our worldwide mobility (relying on the Field Service department for the logistic support)
– Our multi-disciplined specialists
– Our technical versatility and adaptability



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